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Connecting, Collaborating, Conquering: SLTL Forges Partnerships and Future Potential at IMTEX & Weldexpo

25th Jan 2024
Read Time:5.31 min
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From 60kW Laser Cutting to Robotic Welding; Beyond technology, building tomorrow’s success stories

Bengaluru, India – January 23, 2024 – Following a successful conclusion to IMTEX & Weldexpo 2024, SLTL Group, a leading pioneer in laser technology since 1989, reflects on its impactful showcase of industry-4.0-ready laser solutions designed to propel businesses into the future.

Throughout the event, held from January 19th to 23rd, 2024, SLTL Group welcomed visitors from diverse industries seeking cutting-edge laser solutions to optimize their operations. The company’s presence spanned across two booths, demonstrating the versatility and breadth of its offerings.

At IMTEX Forming (Hall 5, Booth B-106), SLTL Group unveiled a range of groundbreaking laser cutting technologies, including:

  • High-powered laser cutting solutions: Featuring robust capabilities and processing power up to 60 kW and beyond, these solutions cater to demanding metal forming applications.
  • Advanced 2D fiber laser systems: Equipped with innovative features, these systems deliver enhanced precision and speed, optimizing manufacturing processes.
  • Seamless automation for tube and pipe processing: SLTL Group showcased automated solutions for efficient and accurate tube and pipe processing, addressing a critical need in various industries.
  • Multi-axis laser cutting: Demonstrating exceptional reach and flexibility, this solution tackled intricate contours with ease, opening doors for complex design possibilities.
  • IoT integration for future-proof operations: Recognizing the transformative power of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), SLTL Group highlighted its laser solutions’ seamless integration with smart technologies, ensuring future-proof operations for clients.

Beyond specific technologies, SLTL Group introduced SLTL Advantage, a constellation of I4.0-ready laser solutions, each meticulously crafted to unlock new levels of efficiency and precision. These innovations represent the company’s unwavering commitment to shaping the future of metal forming.


At Weldexpo 2024 (Hall 3A, Booth B-108), SLTL Group focused on the future of laser welding, showcasing solutions ideal for diverse applications:

  • Seamless laser welding for electric vehicles: Addressing the growing demand for sustainable transportation, SLTL Group presented solutions specifically designed for high-quality welding in electric vehicle manufacturing.
  • Robotic laser welding automation: Highlighting the power of robotics, the company demonstrated automated welding solutions capable of tackling complex geometries with unmatched accuracy.
  • Battery laser welding: Offering exceptional precision and maximized performance, SLTL Group’s battery laser welding solutions cater to the stringent requirements of the electric vehicle industry.
  • Hand-held laser welding: For applications requiring exceptional flexibility and aesthetic appeal, SLTL Group showcased its advanced hand-held laser welding systems.
  • High-strength bi-metal welding and uniform circumference welding: Demonstrating the versatility of its technologies, the company presented solutions for tackling diverse welding challenges, from joining dissimilar metals to achieving flawless circumferential welds.

Connecting with Customers, Shaping the Future

SLTL Group recognizes that technology alone is not enough. IMTEX & Weldexpo served as a platform for the company to connect with potential and existing customers, understanding their needs and showcasing how its solutions can address them. Live demonstrations of cutting-edge machines throughout the event fostered engagement and provided attendees with firsthand experience of SLTL Group’s capabilities.
Beyond presentations and demonstrations, SLTL Group emphasized its commitment to building strong partnerships with its customers. Transparency, continuous communication, and personalized service are core values driving the company’s approach. Through its collaborative ethos, SLTL Group aims to ensure long-term success for both itself and its partners.

A Legacy of Innovation, a Vision for the Future

With over three decades of experience in collaborating with diverse industries, SLTL Group has a proven track record of crafting tailored solutions that deliver value and drive growth. This legacy of innovation was evident at IMTEX & Weldexpo 2024, where the company positioned itself as a leader in shaping the future of laser technology.
Looking ahead, SLTL Group remains dedicated to providing cost-effective, high-quality, and futuristic laser solutions to the Indian market. The company’s unwavering commitment to research and development ensures its offerings remain at the forefront of the industry, enabling its customers to confidently navigate the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing and technology.

As the curtains closed on IMTEX & Weldexpo 2024, SLTL Group stands poised to continue its journey of innovation. The company extends its sincere gratitude to all who visited its booths and contributed to the event’s success. The future of laser technology burns bright, and SLTL Group

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