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Fabtech 2023: Igniting Innovation in Laser Technology, Elevating Precision and Efficiency in Sheet Metal Industry

16th Sep 2023
Read Time:3.45 min
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Where Laser Tech Magic Happened! Unveiling Infinity F1 and Pioneering the Future of Innovation, IoT, Automation, and Precision in Sheet Metal Cutting and Industry Advancements.

SLTL Group, a leading name in laser technology, is thrilled to extend heartfelt thanks to all attendees, partners, and visitors for making Fabtech 2023 a resounding success for us. We didn’t just put on a show at Fabtech 2023; we unfolded a world of possibilities, and you played a starring role in it!
Convergence of Industry and Innovation
Fabtech 2023, Chicago IL, served as a pivotal platform for SLTL Group to showcase cutting-edge technology and foster valuable connections within the industry. This event marked a significant milestone in our journey of innovation and growth, and SLTL Experts are grateful for the immense support and enthusiasm we received.

Introducing Infinity F1: Redefining Excellence
One of the highlights of Fabtech 2023 was the debut of a new and updated Infinity F1 – Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with intelligent features. This state-of-the-art equipment represents a leap forward in the world of sheet metal cutting, with its ergonomic container-fit design and revamped engineering. The CE compliant model is integrated with SLTL’s in-house software and Ether CAT controlled with e-Tron technology.
IoT-Powered Advancements:
Latest technology, developments, machine models were explored and discussed. These smart systems are designed with internet of things, , industry 4.0 and other advancements to intuitively perform the intricate applications. Sheer speed, utmost precision, high quality consistent results are only a few benefits amongst the plenty of features these robust machines entail.
Forging New Partnerships
Fabtech 2023 allowed us to reconnect with cherished old friends and make exciting new connections within the industry. Team SLTL appreciates the time and conversations we shared with our customers, prospects, visitors, technocrats, and all those who stopped by our booth. Your insights and feedback are invaluable to us.

Looking Ahead to Collaborative Endeavors
As we move forward from Fabtech 2023, SLTL Group is excited about the numerous possibilities for collaboration and growth that lie ahead. We demonstrated our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of the sheet metal industry and are eager to explore how our solutions can contribute to your success.
SLTL Group outspreads its deepest gratitude to our dedicated team and the wonderful visitors who made Fabtech 2023 a memorable event. Your presence and engagement were truly appreciated. As we conclude Fabtech 2023, SLTL Group eagerly looks forward to meeting more curious and like-minded individuals who share our passion for laser technology.
SLTL Group extends and exclusive invite for you at the Open House 2023 : Unlocking the Future: Where Tech Meets Fun and Culture! From cutting-edge tech to the beats that move your feet, we’ve got it all! Get ready to be amazed, as we unravel a new era of innovation and entertainment.
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